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Fogger Machines

4.5L ELECTRIC ULV FOGGER-0-30 microns, 15-260ml/min, reach60m, 220V /110V AC,1200 W, cord length-5m,Weight3.25kg,Corrosion resistant,Total hospitals (OT/ICU/Blood bank,Wards,Guest rooms wards,Schools/vertical and horizontal coverage of maximum disinfecting/much effective than the ordinary auto/manual spray cans /ideal for all kind of viruses, covid 19, dengue, toliets, agricultural areas/can discinfect a room of 20*20 volume within 30 seconds, 6 months warranty

10L ELECTRIC ULV BACKPACK FOGGER -220V/50Hz, 1200W, 0-50microns adjustable,750ml/min, 5-6M horizontal coverage, 1.5-2M vertical coverage weight 4 kg,Uniform droplets special applications to hospitals,Hotels ,theaters,ware house etc./vertical and horizontal coverage of maximum disinfecting/much effective than the ordinary auto/manual spray cans /ideal for all kind of viruses, covid 19, dengue, toliets, agricultural areas/can discinfect a room of 20*20 volume within 30 seconds, 6 months warranty


BICS Cleaning Material Services

Premium Qualities

We Import the best Premium first quality products with the experience of 25 years in cleaning Industry. We were established in 2009 and now we are in the market to the highest demand of our client’s need with hand tools, chemicals and machineries in the soft service industry. Many more items on the pipe line…

Cleaning Equipments:
● Multi Speed scrubbing machines - Ideal for scrubbing, Shampooing, Polishing & crystallization ( with extra 40 kg weight).
● Burnishing machine- Maintains shine 1500 rpm
● Wet & Dry Pickers - To remove water and dust
● Wet & Dry - for (Carpet shampoo) - Carpet Suction machine (can be able washed).
● Heat Air blower - 3 speed heat air blower for quick drying
● Shampoo Puller (3 n 1) - Shampoo machine for Mass Carpeted area with one operator
● Shampoo Machine (3 in 1) - special shampoo cleaner for mattress/sofa & car upholstery.

Cleaning Chemical
● APC All purpose cleaner- green tea emerald scent 1:100 dilution
● Wash room disinfectant & Cleaner- Rosin scent (2in 1) 1: 6 dilution
● Liquid hand soap- 1:2 dilution keep wetness your hands
● Air Freshener- Yulan Fragrance 1:2 dilution
● Glass Cleaner- 1:4 Dilution

Kitchen chemicals:
● Cooking range Cleaner-Cooking oil stains & stubborn cokes 3-5% Dilution
● De Greaser- Cleans all oven oils Hood screens lemon flavor 1:8 dilution
● Dish wash -Manual/Auto Zero fragrance as per HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)7ml:1000 Ml
● Stainless Steel Cleaner- Removes oxidize rust and keeps SS silver shine banana fragrance
● Jip Cleaner - kitchen oven cleaner.
● Dredging - Alkaline dredge powder which rinse quick & Prevents food residue.

Laundry Chemicals:
● Fabric Softener- 50 kg/75 gram
● Starch - maintain designs50kg:300 grams
● Stain Emulsifier -removes hard stains grease etc..500grams :50kg
● Detergent Liquid- 1:2 Dilution
● Rust Sour- removes corrosions

Carpet /Sofa Shampoo Chemicals:
● Carpet Stain Cleaner - Removes Stains from fabrics /sofa & carpets. 1:15
● Chewing gum Solvent - Removes chewing gum from fabrics & Carpets.
● Gum Remover - Removes paints/ gums/glue & hard oil from fabrics shoes, cloths and floors.
● Carpet Shampoo Low & High foam - Professional foam detergent to remove stains from carpet with lavender fragrance. 1:12/20
● Deformer Shampoo - Shampoo with less wetness 10ltr:35 ml
● Hardening maintenance Agent - Spot Remover.

Floor Polish & Stain remover:
● Floor Stripper - floor wax remover.
● Stone Cleaner - Removes hard stains from any floors (strong detergent).
● Floor Polish (high gloss / wet look finish) /Ideal for floor protection /scratch mark preventer
● /Durability for floor & shines like a mirror .best for vinyl/rubber marble granite floors. Safe & hygiene
● polish for all hospitality floors.
● Floor Sealer Acrylic - Hard floor Protector & prime coat bonder for floor wax mat look
● Acid Cleaner - More active strong detergent than alkaline

Cleaning Tools:
● Glass Wipers/Applicators & Rubber Refills-
● Glass Scrappers - Glue /paint/cement remover (scratch proof).
● Window Cleaning Buckets
● Widow /Panel washer 22 feet
● Dust Mops Micro fiber/Chenille & Cotton
● Push Mop Micro fiber color coded
● Wet Mops end cut & Loop - Detergent applicator & Disinfector.
● Floor Wipers 3 sizes-drying floor
● Trash Pickers - To pick bacterial debris without kneeling down ideal in wash rooms & streets.
● Long Lobby Dust Pans - Removes debris without kneeling down.
● Wet Mop Clips
● Deck Brush 2 types-for dirt scrubbings
● Aluminum handles 3 sizes - For durability usages & safe protection.
● Telescopic Extension Poles - To reach high level glass /wall cladding cleaning and paintings etc..
● Fish tail Nozzles - Wet carpet sucker.

House Keeping:
● Janitorial cart - For easy cleaning operations.
● Caddy sack Carrier 3 sizes - Emergency cleaning agent carrier.
● Floor Pads 3M Standard 3 colors - For scrubbing/buffing & polishing.
● Caution Sign Boards - For safe working environment.
● Double/Single Solution upper squeegee Mop Buckets –
● Dual Room Mop Bucket for a better sanitation
● Side press dual room Mop Bucket for a better sanitation
● Trigger Spray Bottles chemical identification & cost
● Ashtrays Aluminum/Wooden-lobby area
● Floor Mats -Entrances
● Dinner /Glass Trolleys-easy operations
● Umbrella Holders - For customers convenient in rainy season.
● Brush Holders-storing
● Micro Fiber Dusters-Absobs dust & stains
● Laundry Carts-washed clothes
● Garbage Trolleys- garbage separator
● Pedestal Bins-easy to throw debris from wash room
● Toilet Brush-Keeps bowls clean
● Hand drier-After wash
● Dispenser’s toilet roll/Soap/Air Freshener
● Air Wick powder- advance fragrance
● Polish stainless steel/furniture-Keep shine n clean
● Fabric Spot Remover- Avoid stains
● Urinal Screens-keep 65 days fragrance
● All Type Of safety signs-To avoid accidents
● Clog Shoe-For Chef & HK Team